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Sir Herbert Edward Read, MC, DSO (1893–1968)

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herbert read, war poet, poemsHerbert was born in Kirbymoorside, North Yorkshire in 1893. His education at the University of Leeds was disrupted by the outbreak of World War I, in which Read served in France, receiving both the Military Cross and the Distinguished Service Order.

Read’s first volume of poetry was self-published during World War I, and another collection (Naked Warriors), was published later in 1919, drawing upon his fighting experiences in the trenches.

In many respects, Read remains better known as an art critic, who championed such British artist’s as sculptor Henry Moore, and arists’, Paul Nash, Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hpeworth.

In 1953 Herbert was knighted by the then Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, for his services to the literary world, despite his anarchist and existential proclivities.

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