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War posters are available in two sizes and come produced on fine art archival canvas of the highest quality, bringing colour and vibrance to life with all the splendor of their original release. Our fabulous editions come from only the highest quality sources, which have fared well through the many decades since the war, and in some cases have been carefully restored to their former glory. A number of the original posters are now very collectable and can run into four digit sums; this is a chance to get the look of the original at a tiny fraction of the price.

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Dig in, Buy here, Liberty Loan bonds, horse-drawn ploughing, soldiers on the battlefield, 1917

Year: 1917
Publisher: H.F. Rawll, 303 Hudson Street, N.Y. City.

Standard Edition
Dig to-day. Price: £11.95
Size: 11" by 8.5" (300mm by 210mm)      

Larger Edition
Dig to-day. Price: £16.95
Size: 16.5" by 11.75" (420mm by 300mm)

Dig in - Buy here - Your Liberty Loan bonds on the easy payment coupon plan Dig to-day - reap tomorrow. Poster showing horse-drawn ploughing, soldiers on the battlefield, and men in line to purchase Liberty bonds. 1917

Prices are listed in British pound sterling, but are accurately converted for buyer's anywhere across the globe.

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