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Salon des Armees

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War posters are available in two sizes and come produced on fine art archival canvas of the highest quality, bringing colour and vibrance to life with all the splendor of their original release. Our fabulous editions come from only the highest quality sources, which have fared well through the many decades since the war, and in some cases have been carefully restored to their former glory. A number of the original posters are now very collectable and can run into four digit sums; this is a chance to get the look of the original at a tiny fraction of the price.

Salon des Armees, reserve aux artistes du front.

Salon des Armees, reserve aux artistes du front, french war poster, great war, wwi

Year: 1916
Publisher: By Artist: Henri Dangon. Published by Imp. H. Chachoin (Paris).

Standard Edition
Salon des Armees. Price: £11.95
Size: 11" by 8.5" (300mm by 210mm)      

Larger Edition
Salon des Armees. Price: £16.95
Size: 16.5" by 11.75" (420mm by 300mm)

Salon des Armees, reserve aux artistes du front. Au profit des oeuvres de guerre. Jardin des Tuileries. special exhibition of paintings by battle-front artists. To benefit the workers of the war. Jardin des Tuileries. A soldier holding a small wooden statue of winged victory that he has been carving. In 1916, the Ministry of Beaux-Arts and the Ministry of War promised artists serving in the war, that their work would be shown in official war exhibitions on the homefront. The government sponsored the Salon des Armees to show the work of the mobilized artist and this exhibition realized 60,000 francs. These proceeds supported not only needy artists at home but also the disabled. The striking contrast between the continuing French culture, even from within the trench, and the barbarianism of the Germans, was brought home by these exhibitions. This poster won first prize.

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