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Naval History
Excellent source for naval history ..... First and Second World Wars, campaign summaries and more.

The Great War
The Great War website covers some of the battles alongside war graves and poems, and resources for tracing relatives.

World War II Connection
Second World War Memorabilia

World War Two Ration Technologies
Feeding the World War Two U.S. Living History Enthusiast and Re-enactor

Tank Books
where the greatest generation meets the latest generation...

Through Their Eyes
High Resolution scans on cd-rom from British, German and the US.

Sky's, Voodoo World
A great website for aviation enthusiasts.

Battlefields of WW1
Dedicated to the history and battlefields of the Great War 1914-1918. By military historian and author Paul Reed.

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
The Museum is a non-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the preservation of the history of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

WWII Impressions
Specializing in US Miliary Uniforms, Equipment, and Footwear.


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Right Triumph, war poster, photo, wwi, wwii
Right Triumph

U.S. Marine Corps, war poster, photo, wwi, wwii
U.S. Marine Corps

British Trench, war poster, photo, wwi, wwii
British Trench

Palais du Trocadero, war poster, photo, wwi, wwii
Palais du Trocadero

Ohe! Les braves gens, war poster, photo, wwi, wwii
Ohe! Les braves gens

La Grande Guerre, war poster, photo, wwi, wwii
La Grande Guerre

Servicing an A-20 Bomber, war poster, photo, wwi, wwii
Servicing an A-20 Bomber